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Parent Committee

The Northern Beaches Montessori Association is a parent-run, non-profit organisation and parental involvement is essential. By participating, parents are closer to their child’s school environment, aware of the needs and problems of the school and, importantly, costs are kept down and the school kept viable. Montessori education is a worthy time investment. The more time you put in, the greater the overall benefit for your family.

Role of the Parent Committee 

The Parent Committee ensures that the school operates within the dictates of its Memorandum and Articles of Association and is accountable to the members of the parent body. The Parent Committee’s main function is to oversee all the financial arrangements of the school, to develop and implement a set of objectives or aims that are consistent with Montessori philosophy and the Memorandum of Association and to set policies and oversee the management of the School. The Parent Committee is dependent on the diversity of talent within the parent body for input into the development and operation of the school.

Parent Committee Positions 


The President is responsible for overseeing the governance of the school. They should be familiar with the school’s business plans and financial records. They will provide leadership and direction for the parent body. They prepare and chair the Parent’s Meeting, the Annual General Meeting, and any required Extraordinary General Meetings, plus liaising with our landlords, the Church, as required.


The president is also responsible for ensuring the Northern Beaches Montessori Association conforms to all legal, licensing,, regulatory and other requirements and that due process is followed.


The Vice-President/s may be called upon to stand-in for the President (in their absence) in meetings or on other occasions. The President may delegate duties to the Vice-President. The Vice-President/s should also be familiar with the school’s business plans and financial records, and of the current status of committee personnel and projects throughout the year. This can be a shared position.


The Secretary is responsible for collecting reports from all the committee members prior to each meeting and distributing these reports to all parents as a way of informing everyone of any items that will be discussed in the meeting. During the meeting the secretary keeps complete and accurate minutes and distributes these minutes to all parents following each meeting.


The Treasurer is generally responsible for overseeing the financial management of the school. They will review reports prepared by the accountant, auditor and bookkeeper.  They review the budget set by the Principal and Accountant (including capital expenditure, increasing or decreasing fees etc) and present this to the Committee for adoption. They are also responsible for authorisation of fortnightly payments.


The Premises Coordinator organises and oversees the Working Bee every term. They are also responsible for purchasing non-educational equipment and materials when required and organising internal and external repairs and maintenance.


The Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for ensuring fundraising targets as set out by the Parent Committee are achieved. They are also required to research appropriate fundraising events for approval by the committee and organise these events. Recently, we have done picture plate and tea towel design fundraising. There is also the potential for the Fundraising Coordinator to work in coordination with the Parent Liaison to organise a joint fundraising and community building event.


The Promotions Coordinator is responsible for creating a high and positive level of visibility for the school in the community. They plan events or publicity as is necessary to create and maintain a long and solid waiting list, including organizing and delegating tasks for the Open Days twice a year. Social media advertising opportunities may also be implemented with assistance from administration.

Parent Liason

The Parent Liaison welcomes new parents 2 weeks before they start at Karuna, providing them with another point of contact for any questions. They send an email to all Karuna families at the beginning of each term, welcoming and introducing the new families and their children, they will then host or organise a new parent morning tea and reiterates the importance of new parent orientation evenings. They will also organise regular parent social events where the community can get together.

Grants Coordinator 

The Grants Coordinator is responsible for researching and applying for relevant Local Council and other community grants (e.g. trees, worm farms, solar panels, books) in consultation with the Principal and the Executive Committee.

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