1. Allowing Children to Develop on their own Potential
The ‘Follow the Child’ philosophy is a core learning belief of the Montessori Method.

2. Allowing the Children a Choice in their Learning
This helps a child find personal focus in their learning which develops a sense of ownership in their work and education.

3. The Unstructured Classroom
Children are permitted to learn in an environment free from restrictions. This helps a child learn through self-discipline and self-control. A child will feel safe in this learning environment while feeling respected.

4. Varied Learning Materials
Many of the educational materials developed my Montessori are different enough to permit a child to choose learning that fits their own personal development level.

5. Varied Age of Children in the Classroom
Children who learn in a classroom with other children at different learning stages can feel encouraged and motivated to excel.

6. Worldly Curriculum
The Montessori Method uses the vast universe to show a child the amazing possibilities in the world.

7. Real Life Activities
The Montessori Method focuses on activities that will be useful later in life. These activities include physical activities such as cleaning and gardening, as well as personal conflict and resolution to problem solving.

8. Earth Friendly Learning
Maria Montessori developed a curriculum based on connectedness to all living things on the planet. One lesson uses the positive benefits of recycling materials.

9. Learned Respect for all People
The varied classrooms include different cultures learning at different levels. Children are encouraged to learn about different countries as well as different cultures and customs.

10. Peace in Education
The problem solving skills in the Montessori Method focus on solving problems in a peaceful manor.

These concepts on Montessori Philosophy are from The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori.

Website origin: The Top Reasons People use the Montessori Method