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Parent Involvement

Karuna is a parent run school

Parents are the most important influence in a child’s life. The Montessori school provides a natural extension of the home, and offers a unique collaboration between parent, child and teacher. Parent education evenings, observations, parent-teacher meetings and classroom open days all contribute to this collaboration.

Karuna is a parent-run school, which means that the school relies on parent participation. Parents are expected to participate in the Parent Council, working bees, fund raising, and other activities, which contribute to the smooth running of the school. An added benefit of this is the chance for both parent and child to be part of the school community.

The dedicated and specially trained staff is a vital part of the school, providing a caring environment where compassion, understanding and respect for each individual child is paramount.

Become Involved

Becoming involved in your child’s school sends a clear message to them that their school life is important to you. The children really enjoy seeing their parents at school functions and events. The school is parent run, so if everyone does their bit, then the load is spread around. It is also a great way to become part of the school community.

Take a Position on the School Council

Take up a position on the Council. Some positions require a lot of time while other positions require minimal time. If you have little free time, volunteer for a position such as Communications, Premises, Activities, Librarian or Secretary that require minimal time. 

Attend Parent Meetings

These are organised once a term.

Attend Parent Information Evenings

These are organised usually once a term.

Working Bees

Participate in working bees to maintain and improve the school environment. Working bees are actually a very social occasion. Children are welcome to play outside and even help!

Lawn Mowing

Every family is expected to mow the school lawns according to a roster. The Premises Officer will tell you when it is your turn. If you wish, you can pay a contractor to do your mowing job. Please make sure that the lawn is not cut short as this causes the lawn to wear out and is damaged beyond repair.


Help out our class by carrying out the jobs allocated in the term roster.