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Our School

Karuna a child-centred community

Imagine a place where children can explore their world, discover new knowledge & realise their potential – where they really want to come to school each day! The philosophy of Karuna Montessori Pre-School fosters a love of learning and is based on the Montessori method of education which embraces the development of the whole child. Our school nurtures the relationship between children, their families and the qualified and experienced staff.

For over 25 years, Karuna Montessori Pre-School has helped our children build self-confidence, inner discipline and a sense of self-worth. Whilst laying solid foundations for future education, it encourages independence, self reliance and a questioning mind – all the while developing a respect for other people and the environment. Each child is treated as an individual. Relationships children have with their families are respected and cultural diversity is acknowledged. No child is discriminated against on the basis of gender, age, race, religion, language, ability, culture or national origin.

Karuna Montessori Pre-School aims to provide a place in which children are able to continue their growth and development. We believe that children have a love of learning and an innate desire to construct themselves. Children develop their own rhythms and repeat activities for as long as they feel a need to. They select work according to their interests at their own rate and sequence of development. Children show respect for other children. They are supported to assist each other and share the pride another child feels for their achievements. Older children show a tolerant and caring attitude to the younger ones. They are encouraged and supported to solve conflicts without adult interference. Children have the ability to function on their own. They choose their own activities and work without incentives, rewards or punishments.