Karuna MontessoriChildren at Narraweena preschool are being encouraged to think about others from a young age.

For the past two weeks they have been collecting clothes to donate to Rough Threads, a charity which provides clothing to the homeless and families in crisis.  Karuna Montessori Preschool’s director Margaret Wayland said each child had donated some items.

“We like to organise a fundraising initiative for a charity once a term,” Ms Wayland said. “It helps to build up their understanding of helping others and teaches them about re-using items which is part of our sustainability program.”

The preschool’s parent community vice-president, Michelle Hofmann, said it was important to show children what they could achieve in a school community.  It was Ms Hofmann’s idea to support Rough Threads and she said it was just one of the many community projects they had taken on board this year.

“We like to show them that even though we are only a small school, doing something is important,” Ms Hofmann said. “It’s better to have many people doing a little bit rather than waiting for a few people to do a lot.”

Manly Daily, Friday, September 20, 2013