ambosTeaching kids what to do in an emergency is among the most important tasks adults need to teach kids.

At Karuna Montessori Pre-School at Narraweena they took the process further so the children, aged three to six, could meet members of the emergency services.

Last term firefighters visited the kindergarten and this term it was the ambulance officers that rolled up.

“The police will be invited next term,” Karuna director Margaret Wayland said.

“We want children to be aware of people who help in the community.  They were able to get in the ambulance. One child played patient while the others treated him – bandaging him and providing emergency care.”

Mrs Wayland said the children had all been taught to dial 000 in an emergency.

The picture is of the Karuna children: Halle Smit, Lucy Irvine, Jacob Jackson with David Campbell the acting patient.  Taken by Brad Hunter.

The Manly Daily, Thursday, October 23, 2008